Layover at FRA


I am very happy to announce completion of my 7th transatlantic flight.

This was my first time crossing with American Airlines. Delta and Iberia both have slightly better in-flight entertainment systems and Iberia most certainly had the better food.

My first impression: I must say that there is far more English here than I’d have ever expected.

Before I did anything I stopped to make up my fajr prayers. I find most airports have chapels, but FRA has a mosque, synagogue, and church divided into different rooms.


My flight arrived 30 minutes late leaving me with only 2 hours until my next flight. I was scared of missing my connection so I did not wander nearly so far away from the airport as I was hoping I would.


One does not clear customs unless one leaves the airport. So I left and went all the way to the Sheraton across the street where I bought a coffee.

I inexplicably lapsed into Spanish while making my order, but the barista did not seem to notice and spoke Spanglish right back to me. It was €4 after the tip, but far better than the stuff on the airplane. While I am far from a Europhile, I certainly appreciate their general good taste in coffee.

After the coffee, I proceeded to obtain my exit stamp and catch my flight on Malaysia Airlines.




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