Who is Derrick?

My name is Derrick Feinman and I am a former hotelier/park ranger turned consulting attorney. I have been stricken with wanderlust for as long as I can remember. Be it a road trip, excursion, or flight around the world, I love being on the road. I love seeing were a road takes me, meeting those along the way, and experiencing new places.

I hail from Plant City, Florida and now reside in Fort Worth, Texas. If personality typologies have any validity, I am an INTJ and am assuredly a borderline Type B/Type C personality. Under Cohen’s tourist classification, I am an Explorer. Traveling is my greatest motivation and passion. I prefer the big picture and get annoyed when I have to be bogged down in details. I travel with a plan that is flexible and subject to change on a whim.

I firmly believe that travel is the only thing that one can buy that will make them richer. Despite wanderlust and a mind that will not stop, I find beauty in simplicity. My greatest pleasures of a place lie in seeing the mundane every day life of that place, trying the food, and getting to know people there.

5 thoughts on “Who is Derrick?

  1. Hi Derrick! I found your blog as I searched for posts on KL. I see that you visited the Taoist temple. Was there anything else that you would recommend? We are heading there next month.

  2. Thanks for sharing your insights on Labadee. Yours was the only post I found that explained that both Haiti and RCCL prohibit cruisers from leaving the compound. Even on a cruise, I dedicate my shore time to exploring and being as local as possible in the few hours in port. Although disappointed that I will be trapped on the compound, it’s nice to know ahead of time. Happy travels!

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