Arab Street, Singapore


Singapore: the furthest South that I have ever been. I had a lovely hostel on Arab Street, which was a nice quiet street with the Sultan Mosque at the end of it. Along this street were restaurants specializing in Arab foods and, on the other side of the Mosque were two rather popular restaurants: Zam Zam’s and The Victory House.

The Green Kiwi was a excellent hostel on Arab Street. It was within an easy walk to one of the bus terminals serving Kuala Lumpur and an LRT station. If I head to Singapore again, I would not think twice about reserving at the Green Kiwi.



Having the mosque so close to the hostel was an additional benefit for me. Apparently, there are some hours that this mosque welcomes visitors during the day time.


Off to Malaysia!


Well, I am now bound for Malaysia and Singapore. I am travelling today by American Airlines from DFW to FRA. Tomorrow morning I will transfer to Malaysian Airlines to fly into KUL.

While the ticket was more than I had hoped, this promises to be an awesome trip. On it, I will be visiting Malaysia, Singapore, and maybe Thailand.

I will have layover at Frankfurt, Germany and Paris, France. Hopefully I will have time at both to at least escape the airport for excursion.